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I wanted to put a face behind my affiliate “tools” section of this site. So many of these affiliate sites are so impersonal. Here goes…my name is Rusty Moore and I have made 100% of my income online for over a year now. Some people online call this becoming a Superaffiliate. So what the heck is a “Superaffiliate” anyway? Well my definition is someone who makes 100% of their income online and has for at least 1 year (anyone can get lucky for a few months).

[The Fitness niche is in my opinion the most lucrative niche to earn a high income online. You would be shocked at the number of 6, 7, and even 8 figure per year earners who make 100% of their income promoting fitness information products.]

What Makes My Program and Affiliate Training Different?

I Don’t Recommend Paying for Advertising:

You won’t find any sample Adwords Ads or any Pay-Per-Click info on this site, at all. I believe in generating crazy amounts of free traffic by creating useful blogs and Web 2.0 sites. I discuss how I got over 3 million visits to my main site over on my free fitness training blog: Fitness Blog Training <—I basically give away all my advanced traffic strategies on that site.

A Unique Product Aimed at People Who Want the “Hollywood Look”:

This market is HUGE…much bigger than you probably imagine. There are way more people who want the “Hollywood” look vs the “Bulky” bodybuilder look that the majority of muscle building products target. As of this time this is the only muscle building book in the Clickbank marketplace that serves this massive market. I believe that an ambitious affiliate could earn a full-time income from this product alone (not that I would recommend that…you should probably have 3-4 just to diversify a bit).

[My guess is 9 out of 10 guys want this look, yet 95% of the muscle building programs promote the cheesy bodybuilder look.]
Helping a Bunch of People for Free:

The sales page I designed for “Visual Impact Muscle Building” is a content-based sales page.

I wanted visitors to come away knowing more about building muscle whether they decide to make a purchase or not. I have always struggled as an affiliate sending people to a sales page that was simply pure sales and no substance.

…The irony about giving away great content is more will wind up making a purchase (the sales page is converting at roughly 2.5%).

Affordable for Customers & Great Commissions for Affiliates:

The course is under $50, and I’m paying out affiliates 75% commission. You will make a little over $33 per sale. NEW: Upsells in place to pay you up to $50 per sale. I have promoted higher and lower price points as an affiliate and this is the price that converts very well. Last year I made 75% of my income off of two products that paid me an average of $26 per sale. Less than 5% of my income comes from those higher-priced $77 fitness products. Sticking in the middle range makes life easier for you as an affiliate.

I Did Not Do a Big “JV Launch”:

I can’t stand it when all of the guys with huge lists all promote the same product for a week. I have come to know most of the guys with massive opt-in lists, but I avoided that strategy on purpose. I believe that a huge launch kills a regular affiliate’s ability to promote that product in the future. I have had first-hand experience with this.

Overexposure in the beginning makes a product tough to market down the road. I haven’t “burned the fields” with this product with a massive launch…it has long term income potential because of that.

So Follow The Steps Listed in My Sidebar to Make A Good Income from “Visual Impact Muscle Building”

My hope is that you capitalize on the big demand for this fitness product. Even just an average of 1 sale per day will earn you $1,000 per month. It is pretty easy to get 100 free visits to your site each day (I get close to 10,000 free visits per day). I’m not saying this to brag, quite the opposite…once you get the hang of this it is a piece of cake.

Thanks for reading!

(Make sure and follow the steps in the sidebar to make money as an affiliate)

-Rusty Moore
Visual Impact Muscle Building
Visual Impact for Women

Note: My new women’s course is converting like crazy. It is focused on the slim feminine look…and appeals to women who are turned off by most fitness products: Visual Impact for Women Affiliate Area

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